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Happy New Year!  For most people, it’s all about New Year’s Eve!  Staying up to ring in the new year!  If you’ve been following me a for a while, you know that I’m a definite early bird.  I’m fast asleep by 9:30 and spring out of bed around 1:30.  It’s a horrible sleep cycle and I’m always super happy for myself when I can sleep in [I’ll even take until 3 am!].  

I grew up in a household with two people that met in Seattle but were both born in Japan.  New Year’s has always been associated with food for me.  For the past several years I’ve invited a handful of friends over to share a meal on New Year’s Day.  I rely heavily on the Japanese Market, Uwajimaya.  They have an awesome assortment of asian food.  This year it was just the three of us [just like Christmas and Thanksgiving].  I did drop off food for my Momma who is living in a retirement community that is on COVID lockdown.  This was the first time we actually got to ‘talk’ through the window.  I usually drop off snacks for her and then park where I can see her deck.  She’ll walk outside, wave and we chat on the phone.  They have a portion of the lobby vestibule with chairs and a microphone on the other side for the resident to talk into.  Anyways, my Momma was pretty pleased with the food selection.

I made this card for her this morning: 

It combines the following Ellen Hutson – Essentials by Ellen sets:

So Matcha
Wonky Backdrops
Mondo Holly

So Matcha, such a sweet set and I had to rewatch Julie’s video sharing her inspiration for this particular release.  I feel so fortunate to have been able to travel with my Momma to Japan in March 2018.  My oldest brother and my sister-in-law joined along too.  It was a super fun trip with a ton of memories.

The Wonky Backdrops circles have been stamped in Catherine Pooler – Something Borrowed.  It was actually a ‘stamp off’.  The first stamp was a glorious blue but to bright for my design so I used the stamped off version.  The color was inspired by these photos.

The sentiment is from Mondo Holly.

Thanks for much for stopping by and here’s to a fabulous 2021!

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7 thoughts on “Happy New Year | Essentials by Ellen”

  1. That is a darling story of you and your mommy! I'm so glad you have her and take good care of her. Hope you can hug real soon! This card is deeelightful! You picked out such pretty colors for their kimono! Is Uajimaya still open? I went there with my mom in 1980. She passed away 1984 and I have missed her every day since. You take good care, k? Sounds like you already are. Lots of aloha your way 🎎 Rosy

  2. Such a darling card for your momma, amy! I'm so very happy that you were able to share your meal with her – even if it was from a distance.

  3. Happy Better New Year Amy! I am so happy that you are at least able to 'see' and speak with your mum from afar where she lives and I'm sure she is just thrilled with the special familiar foods you bring her. Your card is just so sweet. Thank you for the wonderful Seattle Letterpress card you sent me – I was scrutinizing it for minutes to see how you had made it before opening and reading your note! I just love it! and goodness – you need to try and change your circadian rhythm – up at 1:30???!! ugh!! Julia xx

  4. I didn't think anyone else got less sleep than me but you've got me beat lady. I hope you found a few minutes during the holiday season to get a few extra minutes of shut eye. I love your card and I'm sure your momma did too. Hope you and yours have a healthy and prosperous new year!

  5. What a sweet card, Amy, I love that New Year's Eve is all about food and family. It used to be that way with us as well. Depending on where we were time zone wise, I was either yup or asleep. I am a night person, but that got later and later as the years went by. Now I am up until 2am and then back up at 8ish! the cats do let me sleep if I feed them enough before I go to sleep! Lol!
    Best of everything for your Mom, I know it is very hard for you. My Amy comes by with groceries that i can not get each week with the online shopping and a hug! So glad for her!

    Hugs to You!

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