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If you follow me on FB or IG, you would have probably seen this yesterday. 

So Saturday, I had the pleasure of taking 2 classes from thee awesome Julie Ebersole!  After purchasing a bunch of new goodies from Impress, I knew I wanted to experiment with color.  One of the new stamp sets I bought was the Hero Arts, Stamp Your Own Succulents.

These cards were absolutely inspired by the Hero Arts Spring 2015 catalog.  The sentiments are from Paper Smooches Good Gab and Denim & Daisies.

This card was painted using THESE watercolors…yes, $4.99.  It was the first of the two cards that I worked on yesterday.  

I use these watercolors a lot…not a bad price for 36 colors.

Both cards measure 3.5×3.5 inches.  I love the small size and it makes the succulents POP….also they were initially going to be my boy’s graduation thank you’s…less space for him to write but I went with a completely different design.

Here’s my second card that I made…

The difference in color is amazing, don’t you agree?  The second card has colors that are definitely more vibrant.

Well, in Julie’s class yesterday, I got to try out the Zig’s and GAH, fell in love –>> I spent a good chunk of Sunday morning surfing the web for a good deal on the  Zig Clean Color Real Brush Marker sets.   The searching {& cost of Zig’s} made me remember that I had picked up a set of markers when I went to the Kinokuniya bookstore in the Seattle Uwajimaya.   It was with all the kids stationery so I totally wasn’t necessarily thinking that I was going to love them.  I actually bought them for their calligraphy brush tip, to practice my calligraphy, not to color with!  Imagine my surprise when I tried out my $13.95 set and LOVED them.  Looks like you might be able to pick up a set from Amazon for as low as $8.  Does that mean I won’t eventually end up with the Zig’s…ah, you guys know me better than that!

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30 thoughts on “thanks & merci”

  1. Great set of watercolored cards! I've been trying to avoid purchasing those Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers, but every time I see someone with them it's a real struggle not to make the purchase! I'm sure one day I'll succumb…but until then…

  2. Gorgeous!!!!! I love love love the colors!! I will have to keep an eye on these markers!!!!!!!

  3. So beautiful and what a fabulous discovery….stuff you love in your own stash. Happens to me all the time, lol.

  4. The small image water colored looks fabulous! I sure am tempted by those 36 colors for five bucks! I have the Zigs but only got the 12 so unless I remember my colors mixes [from art class in high school] I am limited~

  5. What fabulous cards Amy and those markers look amazing! I will have to check them out soon!

  6. Amazing job of coloring on both cards! Incredible markers at an incredible price. And those stamps are so cute; more to go on my wish list! Have you recovered from the hop yet? : ) Bev

  7. Love your card set and watercoloring! And that's a great deal for markers. Thanks for letting us know of such an awesome and affordable alternative!

  8. Thanks for sharing that affordable alternative! I love how these turned out, I've been eyeing those succulents!

  9. I've been eye balling the Zig markers, too. Been trying to hold out, but I think you may have just pushed me over the edge. Your cards are SO adorable, Amy! Awesome coloring! LOVE the bit of watercolor wash in the background, too!

  10. Splendid succulent cards, Amy…absolutely darling! Classes taught by Julie – how awesome! And a 'real' craft store to shop at…awesome, too! You've worked magic with your affordable-alternative markers!

  11. Delightful card set! I LOVE the light and soft water-coloring! Congrats on the Hero Arts Tweet btw! Happy Tuesday, Amy!

  12. What a great thank you set of cards, Amy! Love the cool way you water-colored the image and background 🙂

  13. I love your watercoloring on both of these, Amy… and the succulents are so cute… great stamps!!!!

  14. I think your watercoloring is awesome and the cards are really nice 🙂 and erm, I think you might still get the ZIG watercolors.. heheheheh…

  15. What a fantastic find!! They certainly look like they do a great job with the watercolouring. Must keep an eye out for them. Bet the classes were fun with Julie, she seems like she would be a real scream! Your succulents look amazing!

  16. Ha ha ha!!!! I laughed so hard at your comment at the end about 'knowing you' and Zigs! Ha ha!! We're all right there with you…I've been trying to hold out…eek!
    Anyway your succulents are gorgeous! LOVE the colors! Love the watercoloring!

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