Whisker Graphics: 12 Days of Christmas


Today is my day up on the Whisker Graphics Blog!

This is the first year that my daughter will be in her own apartment (with 2 roomies) for the holidays.  Of course, she will spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with us, but I wanted to make sure that she had plenty of fun & treats during the holiday season.

I used the Whisker Graphics White Kraft Little Bitty Bags as a base for my 12 Days of Christmas project!  I also incorporated the Solid Teal Divine Twine!

These treat bags have everything from Starbucks Gift Cards {my girl doesn’t read my blog}, Sees ChocolatesAndes Mints , Lip Balm and even a bit of money so she can spend it HERE.

Originally, I was going to send her daily happy mail but thought that I’d just pop them in the ceramic berry basket for her daily fix.

I tied together the bitty bags by also using kraft doilies:

My girl knows how this all works….she won’t toss any of the packaging and recycle everything back to me…yes, I’ve taught my kids:)

I’ll be back with another version for my boy!

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28 thoughts on “Whisker Graphics: 12 Days of Christmas”

  1. What a great gift idea for her!! I loveeeeeeeeee them!! And of course she will recycle everything back to you, I would expect no less! LOL!! 🙂

  2. Such a sweet thing, amy… what a great mom, and teaching her to recycle, too!
    =] Michele

  3. I adore your ideas…This is so inspiring, Amy! I love how you packaged each and every one! (make sure your DD Instgram them to share with her friends, I bet they get a kick out of it, too!)

  4. Amy what an awesome twist on an advent calendar!! These little treat bags are so fantastic. Last year I loaded up my son's advent calendar box and mailed it to him. Since it came back home I guess am doing that again! #lovetradition

  5. Oh my gosh!!! What adorable bags!!! Each one is so unique and incredible! Wow!! Teal and white? YES!! Wow. Just looked again, wow!

  6. Ack! Looove these. Your daughter is going to be so happy! They are adorable and so thoughtful.

  7. Ack! Soooo cute! And I love how you "trained" your daughter to recycle! You are such a fun Mama!

  8. Totally gorgeous idea . Your daughter is very lucky. Love how she'll give all the crafty bits back too! x

  9. I LOVE this idea!!! Super FUN for both the giver and of course for the receiver!!!
    AWESOME job Amy!

  10. Such a sweet idea, they all look so cute! I wanted to make the kids an advent calendar, so I better get a wriggle on!!

  11. Your daughter is one lucky gal to have such a thoughtful mom like you! These treat bags are only toooo fabulous!

  12. You are the best mom ever, Amy! What I wouldn't have given for such a thoughtful gift when I was in college. Absolutely perfect in every way!

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