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Can you believe it is the last day of July? I want to dive into all things fall, the weather has been much too hot in the Pacific Northwest.  Here’s a fall themed project that I designed with extras on my desk.  Well, at least an extra heart with the Fall Flowers stamped on it already.   Does the design look familiar?  It is based on my Inspiration Station project in last Friday’s Reverse Confetti newsletter.

This card has only one product in common with my Inspiration Station project, the heart confetti cut from the Postal Cover Panel. My intention was to have 2 projects for the newsletter but I ran out of time.

The stamp set I’m featuring today is Fall Flowers.  I love sunflowers, how about you?  I’ve also combined:

All Framed Up confetti cuts

Layered Friend

Diagonal Stitches Cover Panel

The All Framed Up confetti cuts includes a total of 6 frames in one swipe of your die cutter.  I tend to use multi at a time on my projects.  I’ve stashed away the extras in the pouch that carries the die.

I decided to use a color that brings out the sunflowers in my design.  A happy + cheery color, don’t you agree?

Tomorrow is Mail It Monday and I’m hoping to pop this out in the mail for someone that will be celebrating an August Birthday!

Here’s a quick look back at my Reverse Confetti projects for July:

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