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Yesterday I started what I thought was going to be a quick project.  I should know better than going into the craft room thinking that because when that happens, it’s always a much longer project time.  I ended up with a trio with the third one being the charm.  Can you guess which one?

Links for products at both Catherine Pooler + Ellen Hutson LLC are below.

So let’s starts with the Catherine Pooler Spring Fling color palette.  I picked the first five colors:
All three designs use the Bold Bits & Patterns stamp set.  I loved how it turned out but I made a bit of a mistake.  There was a bit of ink on the Bellini image and then I inked on top of it.  That’s when I thought to use the Natural Flourishes set to ‘cover’ it up.


Next up is the Zen Garden Palette:
This way of picking colors has been good for me.  I don’t know that I ever used Rose Petals before:
I always forget how beautiful Skylight is.  You can’t really tell but sigh, it’s me again, I didn’t clean off the sentiment stamp from Stacked Inspirations, because there is a fiber print in between the a + k in ‘makes’.  There’s no way to correct it and it bothers me…

Okay, third time’s the charm with the Beach Retreat palette.  I used Sea Glass down to Serene:

I love that sentiment from the Just Roll With It stamp set:

Those colors are so pretty together, right?!  Not usually my go to combo but I really love it.   I went ahead and stamped on the envelope too:

This trio was inspired by Global Project Design:

Have you heard the news?  MORE new inks, this time for the Apothecary collection:
Matcha   |   Wintergreen   |   Crushed Violet   |   Lilac

They hit the CP Shop on Wednesday at 6 am pacific! [Linkdeli will be updated when the new release is available!].

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