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I’ve been really enjoying asking questions over on my IG Giveaways.  On my last giveaway I said that I was a late bloomer to discover avocado/guac.  My friend introduced it to me as an adult [via Trader Joe’s guac]😄  Well, lately I’ve been all about avocados/guac, can’t seem to get enough of them.  Funny thing, I’m not alone, there were several of my IG friends that discovered avocados later in life too.  

My question that I asked is what are some things that you’ve been lovin’ lately.  Here is just a handful of answers out of 1,100+ comments:

Recently I was enjoying the show “Maid” on Netflix.

Just finished Murders in the Building on Hulu! So funny! 

I have been loving Ted Lasso on Apple TV!

I’m loving the new comedy show called Ghosts on CBS!

Lately I’ve been watching The Big Bang Theory lol

I am currently watching the flight attendant [late to the game] but loving it!

I suppose my latest TV binge has been Ted Lasso! 

Loving my new Nespresso machine!

What I’m loving lately is the pumpkin brioche from Trader Joe’s!

I am loving golden kiwi. I just discovered them and they are delicious!

 I have been enjoying farm picked apples.

I’ve been enjoying variety pack coffee k cups in various flavors that are decaf in the evening. I’ve never been much of a flavored coffee person, but It’s a nice treat.

I’ve gotten back into graham crackers. Probably not a good thing 😀

I’ve been loving the steel cut oatmeal that I found in my pantry.

I’ve been obsessed with Sour Patch kids 😂


anything pumpkin spice!

Lately I’ve been loving Rosemary-Sea Salt bread from Fresh Market .. with a bit of butter, it is heavenly

I have been loving this new Maple French Toast coffee I have been drinking!!! 🍁 ☕️ ♥️

My new favorite food dill pickles! 

Probably very telling of my emotional status, but I have been loving Haagen Dazs Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

I’ve been enjoying cheddar nut thins and the new tv series Ordinary Joe. 😉

Lately, I’ve been loving my hot apple cider and pumpkin spice candles.

I am loving Starbucks pumpkin cold brew.

In appreciation for all the avocado lovers out there:

Did you roll your eyes [like my hubby] or did you chuckle [like me!]?  LOL  I combined the Essentials by Ellen:

Guac On
Latte Love
A2 Piercing Plate 2
Tall ‘n Skinny Alpha

My overall card size is 3.75 x 5.50.  The copic colors:
C0 | C2

I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a youtuber.  Evidently I don’t have the patience to sit and watch when I’m in the craftroom but have a better chance on the treadmill [captured audience].  One YT’er I love is Julie Ebersole, she is so talented and funny.  Just one of the things she does is drops tips, love them, like her hinged washi with alpha dies.  See it HERE.

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  1. Love this adorable and punny little card Amy! I eat an avocado almost every morning with my protein toast and an orange. So very good!

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