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I’m a sucker for all things caffeinated.  I was so excited when my friend Chris sent me the Close to my Heart – Desserts a la Whirl set.  It’s made to coordinate with their  Card Front Spinner.  Here’s how I was inspired:

Let me start by letting you know what other sets I combined it with:

Whole Latte Love
I Chews You

I stamped a total of six sentiments on the Spinner.  

Well, when I was almost done with my first version, I realized that I didn’t stamp the exterior sentiment onto the Ballerina panel.  I tend to do that a lot.  I get so caught up on the different panels to die cut that I forget about my exterior stamping until everything has been adhered down.  The latte is from the Whole Latte Love set.  The banner, Wishing You A, has been stamped in Ballerina on white cardstock.  It’s a bit difficult to photog.  I was able to remove the top panel and rescue the other pieces.  Since I had stamped out six sentiment, I was doing myself a favor to maintain the spinner.  While I was photographing the project, I was spinning the wheel to get a couple pics with the different sentiments.  Ugh, I stamped ‘love’ twice.  Well, I’m wishing the recipient double the love.  This is a #keepingthingsreal when I send the card out.   Anyways, the sentiments are:

Love x2
Two of the cups are from Whole Lotta Love and the shorter one is from Desserts a la Whirl.

My cardstock colors:


The ink:


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