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I love seeing all the beautiful Mother’s Day cards being posted on FB + IG.  Do you notice they are generally floral designs?  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE flowers, both real ones and crafty ones.  If you took a glance at my IG feed though, I don’t gravitate towards them.  Most of my card designs are cute and/or caffeinated.  Here’s the Mother’s Day card I made especially for my Momma:

I was thoroughly inspired by this sweet Melania Deasy card.  

I teamed up Avery Elle’s Phonomenal with their Spring Collection 6×6.

My Momma and I would have vietnamese food every Friday before the Washington State #stayhome order.  We haven’t had it in WEEKS.  I thought this card would be perfect for Mother’s Day.  Her bowl is on the right.  I would definitely give her my jalapeno’s.   

I hope you have an amazing day!  I’m having vietnamese with my daughter today!  Tomorrow I’m making breakfast for my Momma.

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