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So how are you doing?  I’m trying to post a project a day this week since I’m off this week.  I haven’t inked up any Newton’s Nook Designs, here’s how I was inspired:

Festive Berries   |   Worn Lipstick   |  Scattered Straw

I did a combo of white paint and water droplets on the blended panel.

It reminds me of Pink Lemonade, so I teamed it up with Newton’s Nook’s Lemon Twist.  

When I originally started to take photos I decided I had to do another sentiment strip.  The original one was a hot mess.  So, you know how you shouldn’t cut your hair during Quarantine?  Well, my hubby shaved his head ­čść  For a guy that typically gets his haircut every 4 weeks, his hair was killing him.  It’s all good.  It’s not too bad and it made it easier for me to transition to his new look because I supervised the shaving.  If he would have just come downstairs with his new ‘hairstyle’, I would’ve flipped.  So anyways, no worries about me giving myself a haircut.  What I’ve been doing is clipping sentiments­čś│  I hold my breath and go for it.  So today’s sentiment is compliments of Lemon Twist and Newton Dreams of London.  I could have masked but meh, why?  LOL.  All is good, I managed 2 clean cuts…WHEW.

I was inspired by the Inky Paws Challenge:

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5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sunshine | Newton’s Nook Designs”

  1. life did give us lemons, didn't she? you've made this one as sweet as it can be, amy – love the color combo on that blended piece!
    p.s. We've been cutting each others hair for a very long time!

  2. This is so cheerful! Love the way you combined sentiments from two different sets. The colors definitely look like pink lemonade! As cutting hair, I get mine cut every 6 months, so hopefully saloons will be open by August, or I'll be trying my hand with the scissors! Thanks for sharing with us at Inky Paws!

  3. Oh goodness, I get it about the haircut, I have actually asked my husband to cut the back of my hair- could be a complete disaster!! LOL!!! Love you CAS card and the strip looks great! Thanks for joining us at Inky Paws!

  4. Amy, your designs are always nothing less than spectacular and you always have me convinced that "less is more." I only wish I could emulate that! Thank you for participating in this week's Inky Paws challenge. Crystal

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