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I’m on a citrus kick, I spotted the Lemons stamp from Impress and wanted to color it up: 
I decided to stamp up a plaid with their Thin Stripe Lines stamp.  Although I have the Sweet and Sour sentiment, it wasn’t hitting me with the design I had in mind.  I stepped away from the project, with the supplies gathered.

Hours later, I needed to take a belated photo of a wonderful print that Seeka sent to me.  It’s the

Coffee Because Adulting is Hard

To prep for that photo, I had to clean and move a basket full of vintage A Muse stamps when I spotted the Merci one. 

Perfect, eh?  

The cardstock I used is Bazzill Marshmallow.  I stumbled across several packages when cleaning (story of my life).  I stocked up after taking several Julie Ebersole classes.  I love the texture and how you can lightly watercolor.  For my project, I did Zig on Zig.

My project was inspired by ‘give me lemons’:

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7 thoughts on “Merci | Impress + A Muse”

  1. Fantastic design Amy. Love the adulting comment, my partner has a t shirt that says, just because I'm an adult don't expect normal out of me !

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