Reverse Confetti – Coffee

I can’t believe that Halloween is on Monday!  Last year I bought 2 bags of chocolate from Costco and only had a handful of kids stop by.  It was raining sideways that evening.  I sent each of my college kids about 6 lbs of chocolate..haha.  If you have young children, what do you do?  The traditional neighborhood….drive to a specific neighborhood…shopping mall?  Not sure how much we’ll buy this year…gotta hide it from a certain someone or else he’ll break into them.  I made this especially for Darin…cracks me up.

I love the Reverse Confetti Fright Night paper pad!  So many fun colors and patterns.  Do you spy the bat paper on my card?

I teamed it up with the Lovey Word Coordinates

I used the Stamped Note confetti cuts as a tag!

My card was inspired by Retrosketches:

Happy Friday Eve!

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16 thoughts on “Reverse Confetti – Coffee”

  1. LOL! I loveeeeeeee that sentiment!! Every year we all meet at my in-laws house (us, them and my folks) … and then after we eat a quick pizza, we take Brookie out in the neighborhood, while the grandparents stay at the house with a table out in the driveway giving out candy. They always have a big turn out in their area. Ohhhhh and of course, Dandy is ALSO dressed in his costume and he walks with us! 🙂

  2. Sweet card Miss Amy. Love those papers, and that sentiment cracks me up. I so can relate, lol!! Our trick or treat day is Saturday, and we live in a very popular neighborhood, so we have hundreds of kids. We will have to cut it a bit short this year as the CUBS are in the WS; a bit more important for us, haha!! Anyway, I'm loving this card. AMAZING colors. Bev

  3. Hi Amy! Great card, love the color combo and that sentiment is hysterical. Well we have a tradition, every year we meet up with my sons bf and parents. They've been friends since kindergarten, they're now in 8th gradef. We eat pizza and then go trick or treating, we don't usually make it back home for the little kids, so the bigger kids get handfuls of treats so we can get rid of the way to much candy we bought, lol. I go through his treat bag to make sure everything is safe for him to eat, and so I can take a few of my most favorite pieces of candy, wink, wink, shhhh don't tell him, lol! We usually end up with the bowl being just as full as when we started because of his stash, lol. So we all have chocolate for a few weeks and I gain a few pounds starting the day after Halloween through all the winter holidays, lol. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  4. Haha, that is adorable! Absolutely LOVE the sentiment you put together here, and love your take on that fun sketch! I didn't see the bat paper until you mentioned it, and then I had such a chuckle…. really love a fun surprise element like that!

  5. Is that adorable bat paper peeking from behind the PERFECT slip of vellum??? LOve this SO … new neighborhood, with LOTS of kids! One made it a point to tell Tom he should plan on six bags of candy – AT LEAST!!

  6. Cute card design. And, we don't get many trick or treaters either. So I think I will save some of my candy as at Christmas we are going to play a dice game. The prizes are wrapped up in a ball of Saran Wrap and each time one gets a double they get to unroll a prize. Almost all like candy….kids and adults alike.

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