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Hello and Happy Thursday!  This week has been especially busy but it’s how the month of August is panning out both personally and bloggie-wise.

So seriously, how cute is that unicorn?  
cardstock:  recollections/110/white, stampin’ up strawberry slush  stamps:  sweet stamp shop unicorn/monogram it  ink:  memento tuxedo, various copics, fresh ink/grass
I combined it with the now (sadly) retired Monogram it set <– love that one.  I’m such a fan of the Sweet Stamp Shop!  Love all the humor and cuteness.

Think Pretty Thoughts:  I like that.

I’m definitely a rainbows & unicorn blogger.  I certainly don’t tend to overshare, except if it has to do with the kidlets:)  At home I’m a constant repeater of stories…the girl is always quick to tell me that she’s “heard that one” where the boy acts like it’s the first time he’s heard it.  I don’t know if I should be happy that the girl actually listens to me or that the boy doesn’t..HA.

So chatting about repeated stories, I’ve shared this on FB and wanted to go ahead and share it here (again):
The default setting is for all blogger users to be a NO-REPLY blogger.  What does that mean?
disclaimer:  I don’t mean to pick on Donna but she makes an easier example since there is no last name associated
This is a comment I received via email (don’t mind the pinked out portion).  See how Donna’s email address shows as  That means via my email account, I cannot REPLY to her comment.

Okay, so big deal?  Well, I’m guessing that Donna is perhaps leaving me a comment because she wants to be in the drawing for the gorgeous Essentials by Ellen Mistletoe & Holly set.  When I actually clicked on Donna’s name {blue hyperlinked one}, it took me to her blogger profile and guess what?  She doesn’t have a blog or any contact information.  It would make me super sad if her name was drawn using because there is no way for me to contact her.  

I actually took the time to do a survey of 100 comments left on my Essentials by Ellen Holiday 2015 Release Hop post.  Any guesses of the percentage of commenters that either were REPLY Bloggers or at least provided their contact email?  


Of the 23%, 3 people were NO-REPLY-comment bloggers but actually provided an email within the body of the comment (YAY!!!).

That means out of 100 comments, there were 77 people that were NO-REPLY-comment bloggers.  

There is a SUPER EASY fix people…super easy:  READ THIS


I had such positive response of FB…people don’t realize that they are set up this way.  I understand this….help me spread the word.  As an organizer of a quarterly blog hop (Yay for the Coffee Lovers out there!)….I’m in charge of using to draw from over 500 link ups.  Please make this an enjoyable process for everyone involved♡

Okay, okay…stoppin’ with the lecturing.  Now back to my regularly scheduled bloggie post.

Did you guess that my unicorn card was inspired by the oh-so-awesome Joan B’s Muse card?
I actually have the same stamps that Joan used but since I hadn’t inked up my Sweet Stamp Shop unicorn, I decided to go kawaii route.  I adore laurel twigs and Joan’s card is lovely!

In other news, I posted this on FB & IG but also wanted to record it on my blog:

The kids surprised me with a glorious iMac.  Well actually Darin surprised me with the iMac but the kids put together a mega scavenger hunt for me to find it.  An early birthday gift.  I had no idea this was the gift and gah, yes, I cried when I popped open the trunk of my car.  The kids had me going in the backyard, the front yard, the mailbox…all the while I was trying to shake the side effects of dramamine.  I take that stuff when Darin and I go flying and that morning we flew to my favorite local destination, Friday Harbor.  I so very grateful for my beautiful family ♡  

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34 thoughts on “think pretty thoughts”

  1. love the card!! love your stories and the iMAC. The no reply blogger thing is interesting. I think I fixed mine months ago! Thanks for alerting folks

  2. You my friend… changing the word one no-reply blogger at a time… you go girl! (Makes me think of my winners for the cheese giveaway on my work blog that never collected their prizes– what, free cheese!!!). Love this card… love treasure hunts… and thinking of you b/c I can't sleep.

  3. Cute cute unicorn! Lots of information [Yay] – and happy early birthday! Nice gift BTW 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh that chubby little unicorn is ridiculously adorable and I love how you framed her with the leaves. 🙂 Good for you on the No Reply Blogger thing – I hate when I can't easily respond to someone's comment. I am a big user of Dramamine too (planes, cars, boats, pretty much anything that moves gets me!) and I recently discover a less drowsy formula. What a revelation! I wasn't a total zombie on our recent vacay (looooots of driving around Vermont and New Hampshire). I highly recommend it!

  5. yay for a new IMAC.. Your card is so fun.. I have got to get this set out and ink it up..

  6. Oh my gosh, how sweet is that little Unicorn ~ Rhetorical question! 🙂
    Fabulous early B-Day gift too, Amy!

  7. Adorable little unicorn! Love the sentiment too! How wonderful a new computer – they know this will make Mom's life a breeze – good kids!!! Thanks for the no reply info too. Wasn't sure where that came from – you taught me something new!

  8. EEK!!!!!!! I love love love that unicorn!!!!!!!!! So CUTE!!! And YAY for the iMac!! That is AWESOME!! Go kiddos and Darin!!!! And you know I ain't about the no-reply 😉

  9. #1- Early b-day presents are NOT allowed! 😉 Happy EARLY birthday girl, I love ya!
    #2- Happy to find out I am a reply blogger
    #3- So very cute and great job on the Muse! Totally reminds me of Tokidoki Unicornio, Soph has one.

  10. Wow, with all the info here, I forgot why I came!!! Fun card, Amy! Love your early birthday present…good for the kids and Darin! How big is that screen? Happy Friday!

  11. oooooooooooooh! ok, i love this present EVEN MORE now that i know there was a scavenger hunt!!! that is so cool! (& how awesome that d & the kids teamed up that way… really fun!) meanwhile i almost forgot how much i LOVE that card & especially THAT UNICORN!!!!!! (he's so FLUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFY, lol!)

  12. OMGosh, what an amazing present! You are a lucky, lucky girl, my friend! Thanks for spreading the word about the no-reply blogging. And I adore your fun card! Kawaii all the way!

  13. Beautiful card, wonderful gift, and thanks for the info on the no reply! So wonderful. Thanks so much for taking the time to do all of this.

  14. First…that is one amazing early birthday gift from your family! And second, the unicorn card is super cute card… 🙂 Amy you always inspire me! Thank You!

  15. super cute card! and amazing gift. first the thoughtfulness of your family and fun presentation and then, of course, it's awesome. 😉 your work space is so lovely and CLEAN! mine looks like a paper shredder threw up all over it. teehee!!!

  16. Unicorn is adorable! The no reply blogger is a good point! I am amazed of the high number of no reply bloggers you found! BTW awesome computer!

  17. Unicorn is adorable! The no reply blogger is a good point! I am amazed of the high number of no reply bloggers you found! BTW awesome computer!

  18. Unicorn is adorable! The no reply blogger is a good point! I am amazed of the high number of no reply bloggers you found! BTW awesome computer!

  19. Oh gosh…that unicorn is adorable! I know a certain niece who would LOVE unicorn-themed cards! Your 'lecture' – I listened! And your new iMac…awesome! A fabulous family giving a fabulous gift to fabulous YOU! It's just mathematically logical! *grin*

  20. Well, I'm looking at your iMac on my own and I'm so happy for you! My husband got this for me (and my kids use it more than I can ever get on it)…and we all love it! Your unicorn is totally adorable and a perfect take on the Muse card! Happy birthday, enjoy your day!

  21. Thanks for the link – I have fixed mine 🙂 I was a no reply blogger – yikes!

    LOVE that unicorn card – such a cutie!!

    Deanne 🙂

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