Curtain Call Flip Flops: hello, sweet friend.

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Such a super fun inspiration photo, don’t you think?!  It’s been unusually warm here in the Pacific Northwest so we’ve been enjoying the sunshine.  Personally I’m a happy camper when it’s 70 degrees..any warmer and I start to get cranky 🙂

Are you surprised to see another coffee card?  Well, I guess it is technically Bubble Tea:  Most bubble tea recipes contain a tea base mixed/shaken with fruit or milk, to which chewy tapioca balls and/or fruit jellies are often added. (source)

Truthfully, I’ve never had Bubble Tea…I’m generally ‘sensitive’ to bumpy foods…LOL.  Those ‘tapioca balls’ creep me out.  I’ve been told (repeatedly by my girl) that I can have them make the Bubble Tea without the ‘lumps’….but I assure you, I get enough sweets and caffeine in other forms.  That being said, I couldn’t help but pick up the Awesomely Cute stamp set by Evalicious:

I did a ton of watercoloring on this card and used Ranger Archival Black ink.  The panels were cut with

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29 thoughts on “Curtain Call Flip Flops: hello, sweet friend.”

    And no bubble tea?!…I love the stuff, though I understand if you're sensitive about 'bumpy' foods. 😉 I remember getting my husband try the tapioca balls and he about lost it! lol (Yeah, it's not for everyone.) 😉

  2. SWEET! Love the little hears in the cups. The blue candy dots look awesome. Nice design Amy.

  3. what a great make! I've never heard of Bubble Tea! And I love that stamp set! Always learning something new from you, Amy!

  4. gorgeous card Amy!! love the shades of blue in the background!! I'm with you on the bubble tea, intrigued, but equally creeped out by the tapioca!! xo

  5. My daughter was just mentioning bubble tea yesterday and we had no clue what was in it – thanks for shedding the light LOL! Darling card 🙂 And yes, this warm weather has been wonderful, but a bit too hot and humid some days.

  6. love the bubble tea! I actually had one here in Chinatown/Boston with bubbles of green tea (almost like jello) it was good – but won't substitute for my Iced Matcha Green Tea latte from Starbucks! love the heart bubbles!!

  7. I was on my way to the Verve post to comment that I wondered/thought you owned every coffee. Tea.. Frapp. Set out there and here I am reading about bubble tea?? Going to have to look this one up!!

  8. I've never had bubble tea either, but I sure love how yours looks, Amy! So, so adorable! And I love your watercoloring!

  9. Adorable card Amy! I too would struggle with the bumpy foods! I haven't tried bubble tea but love me some southern sweet ice tea on a really hot day!

  10. I just love your out of the box thinking on this one. Your water coloring is wonderful as are the bubble tea hearts. I had bubble tea once. One and done. I hated it!!! lol.

  11. I'm like you, those balls would creep me out, kind of remind me of tiny eye balls…yuck!! Sweet card though and love the heart bubbles and all that blue water colour. So Summery….you lucky thing!!

  12. Dude I SO agree – I can't handle the tapioca balls..gag! Ha! But this bubble tea stamp set is just SO cute!! I love it!! And I love how your card mimics those colors in the ocean photo!!

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