CAS(E) this sketch: good stuff

good stuff

Isn’t that fun?

All my supplies are from the MME/Jubilee/Tangerine Collection.

A big shout out to Laurel Seabrook for all of the fab goodies!!!

I was inspired by

This past weekend we had pretty nice weather in the Pacific Northwest.  The kids and I had lunch HERE on Saturday.  Then the girl gave us a walking tour of the University of Washington campus.  It’s one of the places that the boy has applied to.

It was a big day in our household on Sunday…the plane went to the real hangar which is about 45 minutes away from the house.

The EAA {Experimental Aircraft Association} is similar to the Paper Crafting Community in that everyone helps each other out.  Darin had 2 friends help transport the plane to the hangar.

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29 thoughts on “CAS(E) this sketch: good stuff”

  1. I love the UofW. How nice to have lunch with your kiddos. I love your card. Makes me want to break out my Washi. Amy.

  2. Love love love your card! LOVING the colors!! And love the photos too!! You three look adorable and the plane looks awesome!!!!!!

  3. omgosh, tiny tiny puffy cloud stickers!! Now how cute is that? Loving the sentiment on the washi, too! Seriously adorable card, Amy!
    And thanks for sharing the fun photos! LOVE that one of you and the kiddos, and the plane one is really cool, too!

  4. So simple – so awesome! I am so impressed by the guy building a plane – very cool.

    I hope the gorgeous weather holds…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Cute cute cute card! Love the colors! And what a lovely life post! Sounds like a great day: lunch and a tour of college! Crazy that it's that time though! And awesome airplane!!!!!! Woah!

  6. The paper is so pretty, I love the simplicity of your design. The plane? Well that is so cool! I bet such a rush for Darin. We have a municipal airport not even 5 minutes down the road–you should come for a play date!

  7. OK, 1) love your tiny clouds in a diagonal sky, 2) jealous that you look like the 3rd sibling going off to college, and 3) it seems like that airplane was just being built … that was quicker than I expected!

  8. ohhh love the lil clouds on the card!!! sounds like a great weekend!!! wow that plane looks amazing!!

  9. this is the good stuff, indeed, Amy! Love the sweet colors you used and those awesome epoxy embellies! Glad you had a great weekend – our weekend was spent prepping for the bust of a storm here. But I'm not complaining about the bust as I got enough snow on Saturday and didn't really want to add more on top of what we had already. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Sooooo….if you're ever headed to Oshkosh for the EAA Fly-in, let me know and I'll come and get you for a day of crafting! It's only about 2 hours (at most) from here! How fun would that be?! And speaking of fun, your card is fantastic! Lots of texture and color, yet it remains CAS! Great card, love it! Bev

  11. What a great card!! I LOVE how you interpreted the sketch. Love the photo of you and your children. Adorable!!

  12. Wonderful card – those bitty clouds tie in perfectly with the photos of the plane – so cool!

  13. Great card, awesome about the plane, actually I find may forums work that way. I just got tons of help trying to diagnose issues with my F250 diesel, guys helped me put in parameters to scangauge to find what was happening when the turbo wasn't working correctly, i found the hose had a leak and pulled it and fixed it last week, then retested and found everything working! LOVE my forums, I am on tons of them for different things from fixing appliances, rv, trucks, house repairs…etc.

  14. That plane looks amazing, did he build it from scratch?? Its so shiny! Your the Queen of simple layers, just love this card!

  15. Your card fits wonderfully with your post: a pretty card, followed by photos/details of some 'good stuff' happening in your family's life! Happy times, indeed…

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