smarty pants.

So, Project Life/Pocket Scrapbooking.

Love the concept of scrapbooking on a smaller scale.

A big shout out to Sherry for encouraging me to get something done yesterday…although I finished up on it this morning.
pocket scrapbooking cards: mambi/memories  stamps:  sweet stamp shop/monogram alpha, studio calico/scrapbook add-on/july 2013, avocado arts/days & months, avery elle/hipster-potamos  other:  mme washi
My girl has had glasses since she was in the first grade.  She’ll be 20 next year and still loves to wear glasses and has no interest in contacts.  They are always a fashion statement, always coordinating with her outfit for the day.  Love her colored frames for this year…designed for Calvin Klein, they are literally weightless.

The boy.  He’s never needed glasses but last year they hinted that a pair for reading might be good.  This year he was overjoyed to be able to pick out a pair of frames.  Hip and Retro…that’s my boy.  The pic is so serious…he’s not usually that way….
Kimberly will be so proud of me for using the MAMBI cards that she gifted me!

I forced myself to do include handwritten journaling {thought of you Yvonne!}.  
I wanted to share what I spent a majority of yesterday morning doing:
MUCH better:

It doesn’t take long for my work surface to get filled up….this is how it looked after working on my PL:

Hi, my name is Amy and I LOVE Project Life/journal cards:
I bought all those for $6 from a local shop that was moving…I may have 5 other vessels that are filled with more PL cards.

So tonite I’m gathering with a bunch of friends to celebrate some birthdays.  We’re hitting a new place by the Pike Place Market and I’m looking forward to it.

We don’t generally exchange gifts but I’m bringing a couple card sets for the birthday girls.  I already posted one of them HERE.

Here’s my second giftie, the cards were already designed, I just need the packaging:
cardstock:  american crafts gold glitter card  other:  whisker graphics gold horizontal stripe middy bitty bag, MME/record it/charmed journal card, misc clip
I ♡ Gold.

So my base is the lovely Whisker Graphics Gold Horizontal Stripe Middy Bitty Bag.  Yes, it rocks.  That Glittery panel is an American Crafts card base that I sliced in half.  It really is quite glorious.  I may just ask the birthday girl if I can have it back…wait, is that rude?  LOL.  She’s not a crafter and I cringe to think it might, gasp, end in the wastebasket?!

So here’s the giftie set all together:
The card set is from the last PTI blog hop.  I made a belly band using Chickaniddy Crafts Gold Lox.

Today is suppose to hit a balmy 90.  ugh.

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17 thoughts on “smarty pants.”

  1. You've been busy! Great page. I have a soft spot for journaling cards too, and great work on the craft space!

  2. Love love love the PL pages!!! Those photos of your babies are FABULOUS!!! And loving your work space!!! So yummy!!!!

  3. Yahoo… Love this MUCH, so FUN, and LOVE that you are using what you GOT girl!! Yay!!!!

    PS I made my CASE the Catty..Posting in a few…. LOL

  4. Wow Amy! Super fun! I keep wanting to try pocket scrapbooking, but seriously need to work on crafty space…haha

  5. What fun projects, Amy, love the clean up too, although my clean up should happen every day. When I clean up I lose at least one thing and it takes me forever to find it! Happy Sunday!

  6. fun fun projects!!! LOVE the PL pages, esp the glasses!! coming from a glasses girl here 🙂 and way to go on the clean up!!

  7. Love your layout! I am addicted to pocket scrapbooking cards too!!! So darn cute! Workspace…jealous! :o)

  8. I love pocket scrapbooking!! I don't have a lot of Project Life kits but I do have quite a few CTMH Picture My Life Kits, and I love to see different ideas on how to store the journaling cards! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Your layout is beautiful and you have some good looking children! Love your daughter's glasses, so chic!

  10. OMGosh, what a fabulous PL page! Super cute photos and I absolutely love your arrangement. All the cards are sooo eye catching!
    Sounds like you had a super fun day. Your girlfriend is so lucky to get that amazing package from you!

  11. So much 'amazing' happening in this post, I don't know where to begin! Your scrapbook page is sensational; your kids wear their glasses well (unlike yours truly, who wears coke bottle glasses. So thankful for contacts!). Your love for the PL cards – you *may* have 5 more vessels – too funny! Card gifts for your friends: so thoughtful! They'll adore them immensely!!

  12. Fabulous post, Amy! For me, my Monthly Moments album is always the thing that gets put off in lieu of working on cards/scrapbooking layouts. I love your PL spread, cleaned up space and sweet container you store your PL cards in!

  13. LOVE this entire post, Amy! The gold gift? Stunning! And I hear you on praying it doesn't get discarded. What is it about those PL cards? I've become addicted lately–must be all those lovely designs in a small format. Beautiful post, as always. They are a terrific size for card makers.

  14. So proud of you for jumping in and doing the project life/pocket scrapbooking Amy. I knew you would be amazing at it and your first layout proves that.
    Your cards are gorgeous too and you already know I LOVE the gold goodies.

  15. Where did you go to eat??? Always curious… trying to think what is new in PP? Love the post– I should have taken a pic of my disaster the other day–typically the floor and all surfaces look like a bomb went off! So your pics were cracking me up. And how about that little ceramic berry box– Anthro?? Love the idea of storing the cards in that. Love the sweet gold cards!!

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