grow old along with me.

On Friday I had lunch with former co-workers.  I always realize how much I miss them when we get together…it’s often quite a span of time in between meetings but we catch up without any hesitations…that’s friendship.  As an added bonus to my day, I went shopping afterwards.

There aren’t many local crafts stores around here…Yes, I’m a fan of Impress, but really, it’s a stamp shop.  There is M’s & J’s but I don’t tend to go there for paper…I go to Ben Franklin!  I’m proud to announce that I basically stayed within my ‘allowance’ I gave myself.

One of the new collections I picked up was Fancy Pants Designs, True Friend.
I gotta tell you that the color palette and the sweet woodland creatures makes it one FABulous collection.

See those sentiment panels?  They are MAMBI Pocket Pages Journaling Cards {Thanks Kimberly!}.  I carefully sliced & arranged them on my card base.

Since I picked up the True Friend Ephemera package, I actually had quite a number of choices for embellishments but I decided to go with the stacked leaves…I’m going to tuck this away in the airplane for Darin to find:)

I was inspired by

My friend and I have made it a tradition to meet up at the local Farmers Market in September.  Everytime I go, I always wonder why I don’t go more often!  We met up yesterday and of course, I thought that same thing.  Only to find out that they have one more Saturday!

Here are a couple pictures I was able to snap, I made the mistake of forgetting my shopping bag so things were shoved in my purse and my hands were full:

mini donuts


Cranberry Romano Shelling Beans
(aren’t they cool looking?!)

So much fun, and yes, I hope to go back next Saturday and drag my Momma and boy along!

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30 thoughts on “grow old along with me.”

  1. Such a sweet card that I'm sure Darin is going to love! Beautiful pics from the Farmers Market. I loooove going to them but it sure does punch a whole in my wallet because I want it all…lol

  2. Farmer's market. How fun. I love them too. Those beans look so neat. I love your card. Those sentiments work perfect with the layout. I love it Amy.

  3. Fun card, and kudos for staying on budget! I love our local farmers market, there's always a budget for cheese, bread and berries! (Okay, I bought some kale too).

  4. Oh amy… that is so sweet… also, one of my favorite songs! I'd love shop that farmer's market with you and cook & eat…
    =] Michele

  5. LOVING the card … that sentiment is PERFECT!! And loving the photos from the Farmers Market… I wish it was cooler here so they would do more!!

  6. You are so good! This is so beautiful! Sounds like a great time meeting up with friends. And good for you in staying in budget!

  7. Love Farmers Markets.. fun pictures and I hope you got some of those mini donuts..

    Such a pretty card.. he will love it

  8. Such a GREAT card Amy! Love the papers!!!
    Gorgeous pictures too!!!
    Sounds like a GREAT weekend!!!

  9. what a great card for the sketch! and super pics of the farmers market – what a fun event!

  10. Yay for new goodies!! Love your cute card, Amy!! And you got some great photos at the Farmer's Market!!

  11. I LOVE this card. I'm a huge Orla Kiely fan and she uses a similar stacked leaf pattern for her 'wares', so it caught my eye straight away. Also love the way you cut the panels in two so there was the gap, very clever indeed. That markets looks amazing and you take very good photos. Really hope you make it back next weekend too!

  12. Love your card, Amy and the photo's of the market! Wow you have been busy and I did not realize that I did not blog this weekend, how could I do that! Have a Happy Monday!

  13. What a FUN post, Amy! I LOVE all the photos you shared today. Your farmer's market looks amazing. We have one out here, too, and I only tend to go about once a year…and then wonder why! LOVE your adorable card, too! Such a clever use for the pocket page cards!

  14. Hi Amy,

    What a unique and fun card! Love it. Does not look like a carbon copy generic, I like that.

    Amy, I am in BC Canada, 5 min from the Wa. border, and go across all the time, are you near me? I'm in Osoyoos BC?

    Love your Farmer's Market photos, Sunflowers in particular!

    Blessings, Barb

  15. Fun take on the sketch using journaling cards? Genius! And I love me some farmers' markets!

  16. Wonderful card. Love the colors and the lovely sentiments! He will love finding this away from you!!!

  17. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, great pictures. I haven't seen those Cranberry Romano Shelling Beans for a long time. When I was a child, beans used to be sold like that, in their own "shell" (I don't know how you call it, but since their name is "shelling" beans… I guess I'm close :)), and I loved to open them with my grandmother, happy memories.
    It is sweet to see couples with grown up children keep being romantic. Yay for you both!

  18. Love Farmer's Markets. My sister has been doing one all summer, she is an amazing cook so she preserves and bakes all week for the weekend. LOVE your card!

  19. Darin will adore this card, not only because it's wonderfully creative, but because of the heart-warming thoughtfulness and love that you've infused it with! Your Farmers' Market finds: awesome! Love the flowers!

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