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Hello and Happy Monday!

Can you believe it, I don’t have a card to share.  I didn’t have much crafting time over the weekend so Sunday was spent catching up on my DT assignments for the week.  

Last week I published 8 blog posts that contained a total of 12 cards.

I want to get over NOT blogging for a day but, sigh, baby steps.

Here’s a picture I wanted to share:
This was taken on the University of Washington campus.  Can you see all of the gorgeous cherry blossoms in the background?  It really is a sight to see.

I can’t believe that it is already May and pretty soon my girl will be wrapping up her first year of college and the boy will be finishing up his junior year.  

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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28 thoughts on “this ‘n that”

  1. Gorgeous picture of your family. Way to go on your daughter completing her freshman year. Time does fly!

  2. It is nice to take a break especially when you do that many cards and that many post in a week.
    I am enjoying only posting a couple times a week. Nice to take a break and do other things.

  3. 12 cards!?!? You deserve a break! Lovely photo and yes, I see the beautiful cherry blossoms in the back – we are still getting snow here πŸ™

    Deanne πŸ™‚

  4. I really don't know how you manage to create SO many amazing projects each week, and work, too! 12 cards in one week just has my jaw hanging open! Love that beautiful photo! You all are SO cute! So glad your daughter will be home soon. My boy comes home this week, and I'm already giddy!

  5. Take it from someone who has only posted one card in a month…forget about the guilt!! ;). It's ok to miss a day (or 30!!) and spend your time away from your craft room :). It will be there when you come back! And in the meantime enjoy the other special moments in your life…like the one you shared that beautiful photo of πŸ™‚

  6. Love your family groupie! I'm sure it was nice to take a break from all that card making, but I must say… You're on a roll! Have a great week!

  7. Love this photo and you and your two beautiful children (who are a wee bit taller than you), didn't the year go fast!

  8. Wow! That's a lot of cards. Awesome ones too! And such a sweet photo! It looks like you have a lot to be proud of. And I'm not just talking about cards! Great job, Mom!

  9. Wait, what? Am I on the right blog? No card to post?! Hahaha, Amy, you're always changing it up on us : ) Darling photo of you and your kids, and those cherry trees!!

  10. Yay for blogging breaks–you totally deserve one! Love the family pic! Your kids are growing up too fast!

  11. This is such a fabulous picture! Love it! And you're a busy lady – all that crafty wonderfulness is one of my bright spots, so as far as I'm concerned you can blog away, sweets!

  12. You more than deserve a day (or several) off; we'll all be here whenever you post, be that once in a blue moon, or several times a day! Of course, I'll likely be late commenting (as evidenced here), but I do get to it!! Such amazing cards cannot uncommented upon go! AWESOME photo!! Hugs~c

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