Long Time No Sea | Essentials by Ellen

My time management is really bad lately.  I’m so easily distracted and think I have more time than I really do.  I should have been working on something completely different but I had to design this card that I’ve had on my mind.  This combines a couple Ellen Hutson sets.

I used:

All Inside

Just Squidding

Dress Up Days

Keeping things real, that’s the 3rd bear that I inked up.  The first one I inked up and then realized I needed to die cut him first.  The second guy…well, see those stripes?  I made those with the Catherine Pooler Ink Pads and didn’t realize the bear was under my panel and yes, I swiped it across his face, well, really his right ear.  I stared at him for a bit to see if I could somehow rescue him.  Nope, but hey, third time is the charm.

He was originally going to wear the pirate hat but meh, it covered up his cute ears.  Then I had him holding the hat under one of his paws, meh, you couldn’t quite tell what it was so I decided to set it behind him.

My Catherine Pooler Ink colors:

Tranquil   |   Cove Blue   |   Twilight

I was inspired by…

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