Spend the Day with Lawn Fawn | Creative Escape Events Part 1

I feel so fortunate that I was able to attend the Creative Escape Events, Spend the Day with Lawn Fawn weekend.  We had so much fun. I’m sharing photos over on IG but want to go ahead and share them here too!

More pics HERE + HERE.

I participated in the Lawn Fawn Card Swap. We each brought 24 cards of the same design to share with 23 other people. The amount of time and dedication these crafters put into their swaps was AMAZING. You won’t be surprised that it is a caffeinated design. I also included a Dunkin’ Donuts chocolate with each one.

We’ve already started to talk about what we’ll do for the next event!

My card design was based on the fact that I just couldn’t bear to color images for 24 cards.  Sheesh, you should have SEEN the cards that were entered for the swap.   I felt truly LAZY.  There were so many interactive designs too, can you imagine?  That’s true dedication and it was so fun that the top 3 cards were voted on by everyone and we all nodded when the winners shared their card design.  Crafters appreciate other Crafters and I love that.

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3 thoughts on “Spend the Day with Lawn Fawn | Creative Escape Events Part 1”

  1. OH.my.word! Your card is simply adorable–especially the face on the mug!
    So happy to hear you had a Fawn-tastic time!

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