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Turner Syndrome is a genetic disorder where a female is born with only one X chromosome, instead of two, leaving her with life-long medical issues and learning disabilities. This condition occurs one in 2,500 female births worldwide, but is more common among pregnancies that do not survive to full term. That is why Turner Syndrome Females are considered MIRACLES!

There are 19 caring Sponsors and 42 Designers have partnered with us to bring Turner Syndrome Awareness to the Public. For details on how you might win any of these fabulous prizes, please see Lori’s TS home page. Thanks for learning About Turner Syndrome

There are 11 talented and caring designers that are offering prizes on their personal blogs:

My Turner Syndrome related project uses a few colors from the Turner Syndrome official color board:

Here’s how I was inspired:

This was my perfect opportunity to try out the Gina K Designs Wreath Builder set!  I was able to easily incorporate 5 different ink colors!

I went super girly and did a floral wreath.  I thought the sentiment was perfect, how about you?


  • Leave a comment on the TS Awareness Home Blog Post stating at least one thing you learned about Turner Syndrome. Our Tab titled About Turner Syndrome has a quick pictorial explanation of many of the symptoms or limitations faced by TS females.
  • Leave a comment on one or more DT blog hop posts. 
  • Prizes will be awarded randomly from the comments left on 19 of the DT blog hop posts + by 11 of the designers who are awarding prizes of their own. So the more posts you visit and comment on, the more likely you are to win a prize. Don’t forget! You must also leave one comment on the Home Blog, too.
  • We hope this will bring an awareness not only about Turner Syndrome in females, but that if any human being seems a bit out of the ordinary, there could be a health-related or genetic reason for it, and it would be nice to give everyone the benefit of the doubt in our daily lives.
Winners will be announced on February 15, 2019.
Make sure you check out Lori’s blog HERE for all the details and prizes.  I’m so excited to hop around and see how the other designers were inspired.  I want to thank Lori Kobular for asking me to join in this Awareness Hop.  I’ve learned so much about Turner Syndrome just from Lori’s blog HERE.
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77 thoughts on “Turner Syndrome Awareness Blog Hop”

  1. Beautiful card Amy, and such a great way to bring awareness (I did not know this was in existence) to Turner Syndrome.

  2. I like how you incorporated the TSF colors into your stamped image. You have made me want to get out my wreath builder stencil and "play." I was not aware of Turner Syndrome until this blog hop so definitely learning something from it. Good work on your card and also helping a cause.

  3. Saw this on FB and had to come over to see more – what a great cause and I love how everyone has come together to support it. Your card is perfect with all those gorgeous colors and the wreath builder! Sweetness!

  4. Love how you have those dainty color-themed flowers surrounding the gorgeous sentiment. Beautiful work!

  5. Amy ~ Thank you so much for being a part of this Blog Hop! Your card is so very pretty! I love the flowers all around that perfect sentiment!! Gorgeous card!

  6. This is gorgeous; love all the colors! I just bought her wreath set, but silly me, I need to buy a Misti! haha

  7. What beautiful stamping! Love the Turner Colours in combo like that! So so pretty hun. Lovely card design too. Hugs, Wends xoxo

  8. Great stamping! I love the wreath! Thank you for bringing awareness to this syndrome and being a part of this hop!

  9. That wreath builder set looks so pretty and fresh for spring in the colors you chose. Thanks for helping spread awareness for the hop

  10. Your card with the flowerwreath is soooo beautiful!
    TS was new for me. Good idea this bloghop to learn something about it!

  11. What a beautiful card & great great sentiment. I didn't realise so many were effected by Turners Syndrome. Great to be made more aware of these syndromes, so many people struggle in silence. Thank you for sharing & speaking out.

  12. Thanks for being part of this TS hop. I have never heard of this syndrome. I love your card, I'm entrigued by wreath builders!

  13. Such a pretty card Amy. Thanks too for promoting the education of this rare syndrome. I've never heard of it before and would really like to know more.

  14. Love your card and the Gina K wreath builders sets. I’d like to case it. You really were creative with your colors.

  15. Oooo! I love the wreath style you used – SO pretty!! It is such a soft card without the outlines of an "outline" stamp!! I've not ever done that & I really love the effect! & the enamel dots are a perfect match!!! Have a great day – I'm glad to see so many who are eager to make our world a better place 🙂

  16. Beautiful card, Amy! You did a great job incorporating the colors of TS into your floral wreath. And I agree with you, that sentiment is perfect!

  17. Amy, you are so sweet to give your time and creations to this hop! I don't know how you have time to do it all, but I see you in so many "charity" hops – your card is delightful and so are you!

  18. Absolutely stunning! Love the wreath of these colorful gorgeous flowers!! Thank you so much for everything you've done to help with this cause!! BIGGEST HUGS

  19. Thanks for raising awareness about this Syndrome!!! This is a great hop!!!Your card is totally adorable!!! Love so much the delicate palette of colors used here!

  20. Soooooooooo pretty with the flowers framing the lovely sentiment!!!
    Thank you for your part in this important hop.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  21. I love the wreath builder! Thanks so much for this blog hop. My unborn great neice has been diagnosed with Turner Syndrome. I appreciate this effort to bring awareness of this condition! Blessings.

  22. Dear Amy Beautiful card. The sentiment is really touching. Thank you for taking part in the Inaugural Turner Syndrome Blog Hop to make us aware that such a condition exists among girls. Thank you for encouraging these butterflies to fly. May you be blessed with gd health and happiness always. Hugs and loads of love from Sri Lanka.

  23. LOVE your wreath builder card, Amy! Thank you for participating in the Turner Syndrome blog hop. I have never heard of TS before and have learned much.

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