Winnie & Walter Leading Lady Take Four & Giveaway!

I’m back with Take Four.  I can’t believe this is my final day as the Winnie & Walter March Guest Designer!  I wanted to give a BIG shout out for Julie & Shay for their kindness and generosity!  I have thoroughly enjoyed myself….Winnie & Walter products are FABulous♡

Today’s theme:  this ‘n that

Here on my blog, I’m sharing one of many projects…you’ll want to pop over to the Winnie & Walter blog to see all the projects!

Let’s get started…no surprises here, a coffee project.
I used a Behr paint chip (thanks michele for the inspiration)…I have several paint chips, more on that later.  I love to fussy cut To-Go cups…and I thought the green would be perfect.  It makes the, In a Word:  Love Cutaway, POP, don’t you think?  It’s been cut with white craft foam.  The overall design of the card looks Preppy 80’s. 

Paint chips…I’ve got them.  I have them because I keep wanting to paint my design studio = craft room.   I consider myself fortunate that I have my room {which I’ve easily out grown} because in my previous home, I was in a hallway.  Do you remember that?  My poor boy knew how to step over projects that were  ‘lined up’ on the floor in front of his bedroom door like a pro!  I had to sneak into his room to plug in my heat gun…LOL, those were the days.  It’s crazy how much ‘stuff’ I have…so much of it is still in boxes from the move that I’m doing a massive purge in May.  I’m lucky that my community has bi-annual community garage sales…they put up signs and do advertising.  I advertise on Craigslist and put up a balloon at the end of the driveway and cross my fingers that I can move my stuff.  This year it is May 15 & 16th.  If you’re a Washingtonian…you should come.  I have a couple other bloggers that are joining me so it’ll be worth your time.

You’ll want to head over to the Winnie & Walter blog because I have a ton of projects over there today…you know, this ‘n that!  

Remember, I’m going to be giving away a $30 Winnie & Walter Gift card {I’m matching Julie & Shay’s!}.  It’ll work the same way, leave comments on the Winnie & Walter Saturday posts here my personal blog for the month of March and I’ll do a random draw for one lucky winner!

You’ll want to pop over to the Winnie & Walter blog to check out all my projects and to leave a comment to be eligible for a $30 Winnie & Walter Gift card (thanks Julie & Shay!) give-a-way!  I’m going to do a random draw on the comments that are left on the Saturday Leading Lady posts on the Winnie & Walter blog!

Thank YOU so much for all of your support this month…it’s been so much fun AND much appreciated.

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66 thoughts on “Winnie & Walter Leading Lady Take Four & Giveaway!”

  1. I love this fun card! It's simple but really packs a graphic punch. Love the colour scheme too.

  2. Love love love this!! LOVING that you used a paint chip for this!!!! And I remember the craft "hallway" … as you know . .. Adam is leaving the nest soon — so I will have a room again soon that isn't all out in the open in the family room!! LOL!! I will have a DOOR again!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. You are so sweet… I'm still making my way through my Ben Moore fan =] Love your definitely 80's preppy card!!
    =] Michele

  4. Super fun card, Amy! Love the bold colors, the stripes in the background and the way the word die-cut really POPS!!!

  5. Love this! The paint and home improvement stores around the country are going to be wondering where their paint chips are disappearing to :-).

  6. That coffee cup is fab! So CHOIPper (groan!! bad pun!!)
    Fun bunch of cards over at W&W… congrats!

  7. What a fab color for a to-go cup! AND, I am so lovin' the white foam 'love' die cut, Amy! Wish I was going to be in WA in May, I would definitely stop by your GS 🙂 Headed over to W&W now to check out the fun there!

  8. This is so cool!! I LOVE that you used a paint chip. The green cup is so fun on many levels. Thank you for the inspiration!!

  9. Amazing job on your Leading Lady posts this month. Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back.**kidding**

  10. Gorgeousness and yumminess happening here, Amy. Paint chips rock and pairing them with W&W products = magic. An array of awesome!! You've been an incredible Leading Lady!

  11. Awesome, awesome as always such a big leading lady for W&W it's a pity this will be your last post for them so full with inspiration. TFS.

  12. thoroughly enjoyed your posts this month. Everything was so fun and cute.
    thanks for a great month of Saturdays

  13. TOday's card is adorable! Now, I think you should have a "for sale" section on your blog so those of us who don't live near you can have the chance to purchase craft supplies from you! You might be able to sell everything craft related even before the garage sale!

  14. Well, your card is AWESOME! I love the paint chip and colors! Good luck with finding a color to paint your room! I always want to paint rooms in our house, but I always back out…sigh…And you know if I were closer, I would come to your sale! 😉
    Enjoy your weekend, Amy!

  15. How lucky to have your own craft space–mine is the guest room so whenever someone visits I have major cleaning up to do first!

  16. Love the green cup. Love that this has a big, bold feeling. Perfect colors too. Craft rooms. Hmmm…. I have one, and as soon as I finish up making the last four scrapbooks, I'll have enough space to buy more! It's a little scrunchy in here right now, but soon new paint and space abounding!! You'll have to share pix of yours. Have a great weekend. Bev

  17. So fun, Amy… beautiful shade of green for your cup… love the "love" cut from foam!!! Perfect!!!

  18. I want this whole collection. It's so cute. I love the way you "see" things. You have such a fresh take on everything.

  19. You are AMAZING AMY! I love how you used the paint chips & now I'm going to have to go pick up some for at the home improvement store! 🙂

  20. All of your projects are just fabulous, Amy, as always you have outdone your self! Happy Sunday!

  21. Love that cute little coffee cup card and got a giggle out of your description of having to sneak into your son's room to plug in a glue gun!!

  22. This is my favorite coffee card, Amy, because it is super clean and simple. Also realy, really like the word LOVE on it. Again, clean and simple and very balanced.

  23. Always love visiting, and just love that pic of you and the kids! What a fabulous experience for you all! Good luck with the garage sale! Wish I could come! Xx

  24. You had a fabulous month with w&m! Today's card is so awesome e. Sure wish I could make that g sale of yours!!

  25. FUN coffee cup card Amy 🙂
    LOVE your FABULOUS foam sentiment – the W&W word cutaways are a great font. I haven't tried die cutting foam {{{yet}}}, haven't used paint chips either => ANOTHER one to add to my list, along with collection jars for my ribbons, twines & trims!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your Leading Lady projects with us all month long at W&W, I've been TOTALLY INSPIRED and have lots I want to try … and to buy!!!

  26. Crisp and fresh and fun, Amy … heading over to W&W to see what else you're inspiring us with! Anita 🙂

  27. I LOVE the idea of using paint chips to die cut
    and as backgrounds on cards! I have a ton too, because
    I keep thinking I could use them for something!
    I love that last card on the W&W blogpost-so pretty
    and I love the layers and sentiment!

  28. What a fantastic card Amy! I have used paint chips as die cuts before. I usually get a sheet with several of the same colors in varying degrees on it and then die cut flowers or butterflies to create an ombre effect with the die cuts. It's a pretty effect and one that costs nothing to make. Win/win!

  29. Can I just tell you how much I enjoy your incredible sense of styling and creating for your projects!! You are awesome and I loved the projects in your last post as W & W's leading lady!! So fantastic and full of coolness and class!!!

  30. I'm so going to miss seeing your W&W projects each week, you are such a perfect fit with their products and ideas. I love the birthday hat card with the fringe, its so clever. And your last card is gold gorgeousness. Yay for Michele giving us all the idea for the paint chips, I use them all the time now, there are so many colours!

  31. Oh, love this!!!! Paint chips…you are so creative!!! I adore everything you touch! And hooray for a coffee card! We love seeing them! ❤️

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