Holiday Coffee Lovers Blog Hop: listing of blog sponsored winners

So, this is the final follow up post for the 

All the blog sponsored prizes have been drawn and the winners have been contacted, if they left their contact information.

HERE is a google doc that lists a majority of the blog sponsored give-a-ways.

This might be a great time for me to brooch the subject of
no-reply blogger
I don’t know how many times a commenter has posed a question to me but their account isn’t set up properly so I cannot reply to them.

This is what email address pops up if you are a no-reply blogger comment:

Click HERE to learn how to fix that.

I hope that everyone has a relaxing and fun filled holiday season!

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9 thoughts on “Holiday Coffee Lovers Blog Hop: listing of blog sponsored winners”

  1. Thanks for a very informative post!
    I had no idea that I was a "no-reply" blogger. Shame on me!
    It's fixed now. Thanks again for the info.
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Thanks for this, Amy. I wish everyone would check because it is a bit frustrating when trying to reply to them.

  3. Thanks for the fix it link – I booked marked that so I can spread the instructions! Very helpful – also, thanks for the list of winners, nice to see only one dual winner

  4. Thanks for posting and for the Blog hop list of winners – it was a fun hop – have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  5. Thanks for sharing the info. I checked and mine seems to be okay.
    Crafty hugs,
    Dawn aka

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