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By now you have likely heard of The Creative Blog Hop and today I am here to share my story with you. Michele Ferguson (I Card Everyone) tagged me last week in her blog post HERE. I can’t remember how I discovered Michele but I’m so glad that I’m a loyal follower.  She has a very fabulous style and wit about her that always starts my day off right.  We seem to have regular chats that revolve around crafting and food, doesn’t get much better than that, does it?!

Truthfully, this is my second go at this.  I didn’t do it correctly the first time and gasp, didn’t post on a Monday.  In the meantime, I’ve been tagged a couple times.

The idea around The Creative Hop is to learn a bit about other creative bloggers by answering four questions, so here we go…

1) What am I working on right now?

Since I’m probably like most paper crafters, my design studio is a perpetual organizational project with a majority of the time, the space looks like a tornado has hit.  It’s how I work…things are flying!  Recently, I converted my daughter’s bedroom (she’s in her first apartment now!) into a joint office space for me and my son.  We’ve been working on it together and I really love how it is shaping up.  It’s been a challenge to separate my computer from the design studio but I feel like I accomplish more since I’m not as distracted with the computer in there.

I do a majority of my designing on the weekends.  I complete all of the coming week’s projects from designing, photographing and blogging.  I’m constantly editing posts throughout the week.

2) How does my work differ from others in my different genre?

How does my work differ from other designers?

Good Question.

I started off as a stamper but LOVE to work with pattern paper!

Here’s a card with simple stamping and masking:

I added the straw by clipping apart an alpha die cut.

I love making gifts and altering items, this project started with a magnetic cork square:
Simple stamping but I love the contrast between the cork and the red coffee cup!

I almost think that this is classic amy:

I’m no colorista but between that sweet beach girl and my love of paper…this card makes me a happy girl.

3) Why do I create what I do?

Even before I started this blog, I was on Splitcoaststampers.  I think I’ve been creative all my life, whether if it was coloring with crayons, making Christmas cards and birth announcements {did that for both of my kids!} or blogging.  I find it such a relaxing and gratifying hobby.  I love a great sketch or inspiration challenge!  

It’s been an awesome way connecting with others.  Non-bloggers don’t understand the connection part let alone the excitement of meeting up with each other.  Isn’t it funny how we all feel like we know each other even if we haven’t met in real life?

4) How does my creative process work?

I love color.

I love mixing color & patterns.

Sometimes I start a project with a collection I want to work with….sometimes I start with a challenge and seek out the perfect papers, stamps and embellishments.

I love Pinterest and go there for a ton of inspiration.
Recently it’s been a challenge to keep up with all the Pinterest emails.  I love to follow people and try to take the time to view all their boards rather than just clicking follow all.

Feedly is my friend…most of the time.

I follow over 1500 blogs and if I skip a day on Feedly, it gets rough.  I don’t like to feel pressured to read everything because that zaps the fun out of it.  I’m learning to hit the ‘ole reset button, mark all as read, and start off fresh.

I’m truly inspired by others.

Well that is it for me.
Thank you for visiting and learning a little more about me.


The last part of the Creative Hop is to name and tag THREE more people!  There was a method to my madness of why I picked these special people.  They have inspired me in the way that they are following their creative dreams.

They will be posting next Monday, September 8th!

Joscelyne (Joscie, rhymes with bossy) Cutchens has been crafty for most of her life. She has dabbled in creating hand made papers, sewing, screen printing, book making and beading but her true passion is in photography, computers and paper crafts. Joscie says that Hybrid crafting is a great way to incorporate all of her passions in one hobby.

In June 2012, Joscie was named the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol 2012 through a vote based card making contest hosted by Paper Crafts Magazine. She is a has been published in various idea books and magazines for scrapbooking, card making, sewing and altered projects. She has worked with many design teams and is now focusing her attention on her business bossyJoscie. Joscie creates flair for use in crafty projects, wearing and use as magnets. Joscie also creates personalized rubber stamps and sentiment stamps for sale in her shop.

Joscie and her husband Troy were married in Honolulu, HI in 1996.  They have moved with the Navy through Hawaii, Alabama, Maine and back to Hawaii.  They are living with their sons Jalen (14) and Jordan (9) in Slapout, Alabama.

I’m Christine Drogt, 32 years, from Germany.

I’ve always had a passion for anything crafty and communication, that’s why I studied cultural education and started working in a youth center with focus on creativity. One thing that I learned about myself is that I just can’t stop. Whenever I reach one goal, I already have a new one to go for. I’ve always been looking for new challenges and things to learn and if I find something that makes me happy, I’m absolutely passionate about it. So I joined different design team, learned a lot and met the most beautiful, kind and inspiring people. I am a sucker or this crafty community and kind of manic about dreams that match my heart AND my skills… This feeling that I can do something!

That’s why I started my own stamp company in July – when that idea first came to my mind I thought I’d take a year to plan, but I just couldn’t think of anything else and I wanted to go for it so badly! In fact it only took 2-3 months until it all started – I am grateful my hero Michael and all my crafty friends support me and my passion so much. 

I still work at the youth center – and I enjoy that job a much, but Create A Smile is my second love – and I hope we’ll go an long and successful way together.
I have always loved illustrating and though I did stop drawing sometime during high school and college (I was drawing mostly anatomy thenโ€ฆ hardly fun.. haha), it came back to me naturally when I picked up my pencil again and itโ€™s been a fun journey. I love to work with my hands and have been binding journals, custom wedding guestbooks and custom photo albums besides illustrating greeting cards, custom family portraits, calligraphy work and crafting for my store.
Time is very precious to me nowadays with my darling toddler demanding my attention and I find illustrating/crafting a place of rest for me. I have been a card maker since 2008, a scrapbooker since 2012, a Project Lifer since 2013 and an illustrator since forever :) I really do hope you love my illustrations that was released this month and will love my future illustrations as well.
You can find me mostly on my Instagram & Facebook. I hardly blog nowadays but I still update once in a while. And if you would like to get your own custom watercolor illustrations, you know where to find me ๐Ÿ™‚
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20 thoughts on “The Creative Blog Hop”

  1. Very cool post! I'd love to meet up with fellow bloggers and totally think its cool we "know" each other.

  2. Non-bloggers definitely don't get it the same way, even if they try. It is incredible to meet my computer friends – and yep, it always feels like we've known each other forever!

  3. Love reading your post Amy! We are weekend warriors together on the crafting front. Your cards truly are you :)!

  4. Oh Amy… you are just incredible and look what a wonderful CBH post you've shared!! Loved meeting your tagged team… what an interesting, and talented team they are.
    Thanks again for joining me!!
    =] Michele

  5. Great post Amy! I have enjoyed getting to know you in real life and have to say that you are as fabulous in person as you are online!

  6. 1500 blogs? OMG I so would not have the time but lots of inspiration going on with that many! Fun to read how you create — I love the fact us stampers seem to know each other, even though we don't ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Thanks for the tag.. Haha.. And love reading and learning more about you. You are the sweetest, loveliest friend I met online ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Hmmm…I thought I left a comment on this, but I guess not?!…Well, I am now! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Love reading more about you! And you sound a little like me with the 'following blogs'. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. You are amazing, Coffee Girl! Loved to learn more about you here. I agree that your designated Amy card is an Amy card ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for being such an uplifting spirit in blogland.

  10. loved this post amy ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoyed learning a bit more about one of my faithful blog followers ๐Ÿ™‚ {{{hugs}}}

  11. Love getting to know you more ๐Ÿ˜€ And thanks for the feature.. you are really one of the sweetest girl I've ever had the opportunity to know <3

  12. Such fun to learn more about the behind-the-scenes Amy! Your love for colour and paper certainly shines in all you create!

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